Kerstin Krüger - Iokai Shiatsu Therapist

Shiatsu Practice, Amsterdam East, Watergraafsmeer, Diemen

Kerstin Krüger CV

Kerstin Krüger

In may 2003 I received my diploma, after completing a four year study at the School for Iokai Shiatsu. This includes a separate three year study of western medicine (anatomy, physiology and pathology).

Furthermore, a 10 years experience in health care and psychiatry influences my work.

Cell salts
In 2014 I finished my training as a Dr. Schüssler cell salt therapist. Schüssler cell salts or tissue salts are a wonderful and inexpensive way for improving your health. I have amazing results with chronical en acute pain disorders, sleeping problems, ADHD symptomatic, chronic tiredness syndrome, arthritis, during & after pregnany as well as during cancer treatments & chemo therapy,
Dr. Schüssler tissue and mineral salts are 100 % natural and can be given to children, pregnant woman and animals.

Find more info at and

Touch of Matrix

Another passion and inspiration is creating a healthy living environment. For over 10 years I’ve worked for Tierrafino (, producer of natural and ecological building products like clay, clay paint and Tadelakt. My practice is done in clay and clay finish. Clay has extra inherent qualities. It has a breathing surface that regulates humidity and temperature as well as filtering electro magnetic waves. That's why clients often do experience the treatment as calming and revitalizing – specially people with allergies.

Professional associations:

I am a member of the association of Iokai Shiatsu Therapists (V.I.S). (  All members are trained in IOKAI shiatsu and in the fundamentals of western medicine. Members are also required to follow refresher and advanced courses.

Regarding my registration with the V.I.S. I am subject to the regulations of the foundation TBNG (governing body of professional practitioners of natural health care). Furthermore, I'm connected tot the RBCZ (register of complemnetary health professionals) and SCAG arbitration committee.

Registration no. RBCZ: 508028R  
Registration no. V.I.S.: A 2003133
KvK: 34365520


Education & training 

1997  Thai massage - Thailand
1999-2003  Iokai Shiatsu Training
2006  Eloise Sewell - Pulse diagnosis
2007  Pamela Ferguson - Five elements of depression
2008  Pamela Ferguson - Trauma
2009  Stephen Birch - Hara diagnosis
2009  Pamela Ferguson - Cancer & shiatsu
2009  Esloise Sewell - Woman's complaints
2010  Anna Verbene - Body alignment
2010  Kazunori Sasaki - Neck shoulder back problems
2010  Arie Spruit - Diaphragm
2011  Peter Kleine Horst - The long meridians
2013  Susan Yates - Shiatsu & pregnancy
2013-2014 Institute for cell salt therapy - basic course
2014  Peter Kleine Horst - The pelvis
2014  Oranje Kruis - First aid
2014  Institute for cell salt therapy - level 2 - Deepening & relationship of cell salts
2014  Institute for cell salt therapy - level 3 - Complementary cell salts nr. 13 - 27
2015-2016 Western medical basis knowledge course
2015  Karlien Bongers & Kazunori Sasaki - Cancer & Shiatsu
2015  Oranje Kruis - First aid
2016  Kaima Nelson Brown - Lung & larg intestine meridian
2015  Oranje Kruis - First aid course
2016  Institute for cell salt therapy - support with cel salts during chemotherapy
2016  Touch of Matrix - level 1
2016-2018  Touch of Matrix - Consciousness method
2017  Touch of Matrix - level 2 & 3 - Module inspiratie & module updates
2017  Oranje Kruis - First aid course
2018  Kazunori Sasaki - Problems around joints
2018  Alex Leupen - Pain - Neurological causes of pain
2018  Touch of Matrix - Generation lines & family constellations
2018  Oranje Kruis - First aid course
2018  Rüdiger Vonhoff - The function of the hart
2019  Touch of Matrix - Astrid Vester - Migraine
2019  Tillman Gaebler - Meridian taping
2019  Oranje Kruis - First aid course
2019  Institute for cell salt therapy - therapist training course - first part
2019  Norbert Grote Beverborg - masterclass stomach and spleen meridian

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