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Shiatsu Practice, Amsterdam East, Watergraafsmeer, Diemen

Shiatsu Treatment & Prices


The shiatsu treatment starts with asking questions about your general health. Questions focusing on your specific complaint(s), eg. how long has the complaint troubled you. You will also be asked about your lifestyle, sleeping pattern and diet. After this I will examine your stomach, back and/or pulse, to locate the disturbances in your body which have caused the complaint(s).

The treatment continues by using different techniques, such as thumb pressure, hand pressure, stretching of limbs and manipulation of joints.

The shiatsu treatment is carried out on a futon – a cotton mattress – or on a massage table. Since the patient remains clothed during the treatment it is advisable to wear light loose-fitting clothes.

Prices shiatsu:

Intake + shiatsu treatment:     75 minutes for € 80

All further shiatsu treatments: 
€ 35 per 30 minutes chair massage
€ 80 per 75 minutes
€ 100 per 90 minutes

Payments can be done cash only.Shiatsu treatments can be given on demand during the week as well as at the weekend.

Cancellation of treatments is possible within 24 hours notice - otherwise you will be charged for the time reserved for you.

Several Dutch health insurance companies compensate shiatsu treatments. You'll find the list here.
Note that you will not need a referral letter from your doctor nor will be using the own risk of your health insurance.

Disclaimer and privacy statement

These terms, conditions and disclaimer apply on all treatments of Practice for Iokai Shiatsu Kerstin Krüger - Dr. Schüssler cell-salt consultancy - Touch of Matrix therapy. The privacy statement (in Dutch) applies on Practice for Iokai Shiatsu Kerstin Krüger.

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