Kerstin Krüger - Iokai Shiatsu Therapist

Shiatsu Practice, Amsterdam East, Watergraafsmeer, Diemen

Complaints & Shiatsu Treatment


Because of the deeply relaxing effect of Shiatsu, well-being in body and mind can be achieved for adults as well as for children.
Furthermore, Shiatsu has a relaxing, relieving and healing effect on many specific complaints and sicknesses, such as:

  • ADHD
  • allergies & skin irritations
  • arthrosis
  • backpain
  • burnout complaints
  • depression
  • digestion complaints
  • during and after pregnancy
  • headache / migraine
  • high sensitivity
  • infertility
  • menstruation complaints
  • muscle and joint complaints
  • neck and shoulder complaints
  • peroid pain
  • RSI-complaints
  • stomach disorders
  • stottering
  • stress
  • rheumatism


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